Hi, my name is Joséphine de Marigny and I have the privilege to offer my experience here in Luxembourg since 2017. I am a passionate autodidacte and experienced Event Planner and Decorating Designer. I love to meet people and understand their inner need and make their dreams a reality!

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We value each client and deliver individual attention. In order to bring refinement. We resort with our trained eyes to double check every detail, making, thus, your event absolutely exquisite.

You have our full attention while you relax and enjoy your evening with your family, friends and follow workers.

We do our best to make it all UNIQUE & fabulous!


Table set for an event party or wedding

Trusting someone else to help plan your wedding, birthday party or corporate event is a big decision. The difference with us is that we chose experienced, passionate, 'love my job', 'nothing can stop me' people to work with us during each project, as every event is different with different love story, history or company traditions.

We aim that the result is exactly what we had worked and planned for.

A hassle-free event! We will help you turn your vision into a reality with exceptional venues and high-end professionals.

We provide full planning and designing services for your event and will accompany you and your guests through each step of the process. Our attention will ensure your event to be truly unforgettable!

We offer 2% of our profits to child in need associations, or to any association of your choice.